Hello, October

October is finally here. Yes, I know what you were thinking: sweater weather!

When the weather gets crisp in the fall, it is that time of the year to pack up your beloved sun dresses & bathing suits because you need that extra room for your favorite cozy fall trends.  

Lauren Conrad, an iconic fashionista in today’s fashion industry, and if you don’t know who she is by now, you should probably find out. Her latest post, October Style Tips, provides us with the ten essential items we NEED this fall. I know this seems pretty unrealistic to run out & spend your next pay check on all ten items, so here are a few that are absolutely positively essential for your fall style:

1. Fall for soft neutrals

Soft neutral tones like blush, grey, and tan are a must have for any fall wardrobe and are trending this season.  Match neutral sweaters and scarves with bold sunglasses or white pants to transition into the fall season easily!


2. Super- size it

Oversized sweaters are the coziest and best parts about fall and is a necessity for the brisk weather.  Styling an oversized sweater with distressed denim or shorts can add an edgier view to a cozy style.  Layering over a summer dress cause incorporate many textures and give the piece a softer and sweeter style.


 3. Get thigh high

Thigh-high boots are a rising trend this fall and will keep your legs warm too!  Adding major edge to any outfit don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in thigh-high style.  Pair the boots with a slouchy sweater to balance the look with a softer piece!


4. Call it a hat trick

Dark, wide brimmed hats are a modern look that many people have been tentative to add to their wardrobe.  Hats are a major trend of Fall 2015 and a great way to add detail to simple outfits to create a chic look.


5. Break out your burgundy

Burgundy is the “in” color for Fall 2015.  Incorporate it in any outfit easily through sweaters, booties, denim, and even lipstick.


written by: Brianna Cain 

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