Thrifting the Right Way

Thrifting the Right Way

Newport is filled with little boutiques and chain stores. However, hidden behind the scenes are the true gems in the fashion scene. Thrift and vintage shops tucked on Spring Street and Broadway will truly get the tags popping. Maison DNA, St Paul’s Thrift Shop and the Salvation Army are three of the top places to explore this fall. Here are a few thrifting tips that will make the hunt a true success.

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1. Be Patient

Entering a thrift or vintage shop can be overwhelming, and sometimes intimidating. The number one tip to begin a thrift shopping adventure is having patients. The true miracle finds take a passionate mindset and dedication. If you do not have a lot of time, bring a friend to make for a quicker trip. Remember, the more eyes the better the prize.

2. Stray from your gender

Unlike a normal retail store, shopping in a thrift store allows you to break gender barriers more comfortably. Some of the best finds, will be tucked in a different size and location that you would never expect. Be adventurous and venture outside your normal comfort zones.

3. Be a frequent customer

Thrift shops and vintage places are constantly getting donations and new materials. Great merchandise moves fast in thrift stores. Popping in for five minutes once a week may find you the perfect fall sweater or winter cardigan. An added bonus is becoming familiar with the working staff, to find the best finds possible.

BONUS Tip! Halloween is right around the corner! If you haven’t found a costume yet and are on a tight budget you should check out a thrift shop. They may even have costumes ready to go or you might want to get creative and put different things together. 10.30.13_costume_mike.ruiz2_

The best thing about thrift shopping is not just saving money it is also fun! Thrift shopping and peeking through vintage shops makes for great ‘selfie’ opportunities and a few laughs with friends. The true perk about shopping in these types of shops is also letting your own fashion sense shine. Finding a cute sweater for only $4 gives you all of the opportunity to make it your own. Try things on, have fun, and overcome the idea of buyer’s remorse.

o-SWEATERS-570 Written by: Julie Grant & Isabelle Weatherby

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