Make Winter Beautiful

Winter, a time for snowflakes, sweaters, and skin care. With all of these cold months coming our way, we have to be sure to keep up on our skin care routines. If you do not have one right now, this can be a time for you to start. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you embrace a simple plan to work into your day.

1. Moisturize


It is the easiest thing that a person can do. Go to the store and pick up a moisturizer because beauty starts with your skin and then only becomes more beautiful with the clothes you wear! Also by using moisturizer, you are able to make you skin feel softer and not so dry.

2. Save Your Face


Staying with the idea of moisturizing, we cannot forget out faces. Origins is a great company at creating product lines that help target certain problems, and it works with most skin types. By using a good moisturizer on your face, it will prevent that tight feeling that comes from dry air.

3. Lock in Moisture in Lips


Let’s not forget the lips. Make sure to pick up something that will help keep them from going dry and cracking on you. There are so many good products out there that can help prevent that problem. One little trick is to drink out of straws; this will help with preventing dry lips.

4. Help Your Hair


One other area to remember is your hair. Find a good conditioner that will treat it right. Your scalp is going to feel the change in season the same way your body will. That is why it is important to find hair care products that will keep your locks strong and shinny!

5. Sunscreen to the Rescue


Even though it is winter, the sun is still out and just as strong. Make sure to have some sort of SPF 30 in a moisturizer that you may buy, or even apply sunscreen separately. Always remember that when dealing with the sun, one can never be too careful.

6. Humidify the Air


Humidifiers are an easy item to add to a space to throw some extra moister in the air. Beat the dry air by having one of these in the room with you while you sleep. By having extra moister in the air, it will help keep skin from drying out and feeling rough.

7. Terrific Self-Tanners


If you are sad to see that tan you worked so hard over the summer time to get leave. Buy a self-tanner that you can just rub into your skin, this way you do not have to go into a tanning bed. Some companies even sell gloves with their products, this way it does not have the chance to stain your hands.

8. Wool and Synthetic vs. Cotton


If you want to avoid irritating your skin, stick with more cotton and cashmere sweater fabrics. If you are more inclined to buy wool, stick with merino wools, it is softer on the skin. However, if you do wear mostly wool or synthetic blends, have a cotton undershirt on to protect your skin.

9. Keep Moving


It will be cold out, but that is where jackets come in. Make sure to go outside and go running or walking, it is not only good for your health, but also good for your skin. Find a friend who can keep you motivated and push you to keep up the good work.

10. Treat Yourself


Even though you may not be able to exercise as much as you want, give yourself a treat from time to time. Make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate, sit by the fire, grab a good book, and get lost in it. Give yourself some time to relax seeing as there might not be much in terms of activities that you can do outside. If you need some ideas on how to change up your hot chocolate, click on the hot cocoa above.

By: Benjamin Viens

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