Tis’ The Season For Sneakers

A huge trend in the fashion industry right now is slip on sneakers, such as the popular brand Vans. These shoes are trending because they are easy and simple to wear and prices range from low to high for different brands and styles; this allows the shoe to be accessible to all classes of consumers. These slip on sneakers also have a wide variety of outfits they can be paired with, allowing them an everyday accessory. They can be worn in the summertime with a cute pair of shorts or even a casual dress. When it starts to get a little colder, these shoes also go well with skinny jeans or leggings. Whether you’re playing outside, going shopping, or attending a party, these shoes can work for you.

These sneakers are the perfect fashion statement for fall and winter. No need to travel far to add these to your wardrobe…just visit downtown Newport and stop into the different stores, such as J Crew, and Sole Desire. Many stores and companies having been jumping on this popular footwear and putting their own spin on the shoe. Vans teamed up with J Crew to make a signature line just for the store and they are a must-have for this season! Sole Desire carries brand such as Vans, who have coined this style of sneaker. These sneakers are fashionable, durable, and most importantly affordable! Perfect for a day of shopping downtown, or for going to class! (www.jcrew.com) (www.vans.com)

-Kaitlin Mackenzie and Gaylen Hanes
vans 1vans 2

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